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About The MOAMAs


Online African music bible to honour African artists

After three-and-a-half years developing the online portal for information on African music, in 2010 launched of the annual Museke Online Music Awards (MOAMA’s). started out in 2006 with the aim of becoming a one-stop-shop for everything related to African music in every genre.

Since then, the website has grown from strength to strength, featuring lyrics, interviews, biographies, new music and videos of multitudes of African artists from the continent and the Diaspora across the board.

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup putting the entire African continent on the international map, it was only fitting that the continent’s deserving artists were put on a pedestal, and what better way to do that than with the first ever online music awards that caters to all music tastes on the continent?

The continent is alive with different sounds, voices and rhythms, and the MOAMA’s seek to further promote this music through various platforms online.

Through the annual MOAMA’s, Museke aims to encourage the unity of Africans through our music.

With a total of 130 nominations in 28 categories which covered different genres and regions, the MOAMA’s pride themselves in encompassing all African music, regardless of video submission, language, genre and country in recognition of excellence in music over the last year.

The winners of these prestigious online awards are rewarded through various avenues of online promotion, which will gain the artists global recognition on as well as various other media outlets.

The 2010 Museke Online Africa Music Awards (MOAMAs) were the inaugural awards held to celebrate African music and musicians achievement online.

The power of the internet has enabled African musicians to market their music outside their communities and countries, to other African countries as well as to people outside the continent. has become one of the biggest African music websites with content from over 30 African countries and major traffic from African countries.

It has helped musicians to be discovered by fans not from their home countries and has been a source of news, blogs for fans everywhere. has been tagged the African music bible.

Museke is partnering with other African music fans and websites who are dedicated to seeing Africans learn about African music and promoting new and popular African music.

The first edition of the awards promotes as many African musicians from as many different countries and styles as it aims to unite African music fans everywhere.


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